How to Use this Manual

Last Updated: March 3, 2009

This manual is a resource and reference tool for electronic case filers. It includes filing requirements and step-by-step instructions for filing documents electronically.

Important Note: Although filing requirements and references to the Bankruptcy Code and/or Rules may be provided for some topics, this manual should not be relied upon exclusively by the user. The actual Bankruptcy Code and/or Rules should still be consulted.

Looking up topics in the Online Manual

You can look up topics in this manual using these methods:

Contents:  Provides you with a hierarchical overview of the content and organization of the manual.

Search:  Allows you to search every topic in this manual for a particular word or phrase. For example, users can search for "Amendment" and every topic that contains the word "Amendment" will be listed at the Search tab.

Printing in the Online Manual

Right click on topic you wish to print and select "Print all" (the topic will be completely highlighted).  Click print button on your browser's toolbar to print topic page and select the printing options you want.