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ECF Certification Information

Attorney, United States Trustee, Case Trustee Certification

  • Complete the Attorney Exercises and email us upon completion. We will check for accuracy and email you a login and password. Pursuant to D.N.D. Bankr. L.R. 5005-1, an attorney, U.S. Trustee, or case trustee is required to be a CM/ECF electronic filer.

Limited Filing User

  • An individual authorized by a creditor or company may register as a limited filing user. To apply for limited filing user access

Filing Agent

  • An individual employed by a registered user may be a filing agent. When a filing agent is no longer authorized to act on the registered userís behalf, the filing agentís login and password must be disassociated by the registered user. To apply for filing agent access

Attorney Requesting Notice

  • An attorney may obtain access to CM/ECF for purposes of monitoring a specific case pursuant to D.N.D. Bankr.L.R. 9010(C). To apply for attorney requesting notice access

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