3.  Consequences of Electronic Filing

Last Updated:  April 1, 2013


Electronic transmission of a document to the CM/ECF system, together with the transmission of a Notice of Electronic Filing from the court, constitutes filing of the document for all purposes of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and the local rules of this court, and constitutes entry of the document on the docket kept by the clerk of court under Fed. R. Bankr. P. 5003.

Before filing a scanned document with the court, an electronic filer must verify its legibility.

When a document has been filed electronically, the official record is the electronic recording of the document as stored by the court, and the filing party is bound by the document as filed.

A document filed electronically is deemed filed at the date and time stated on the Notice of Electronic Filing from the court.

Filing a document electronically does not alter the filing deadline for that document. Electronically filed pleadings must be filed before midnight Central Standard Time to be considered timely filed unless the presiding judge specifically requires an earlier filing time.

Information posted on the CM/ECF system must not be downloaded for uses inconsistent with the privacy concerns of any person.