Amended Complaint

Last Updated: August 21, 2007

Filing Requirements:

  • Amended Complaint

  • May need to file Motion to Amend and provide a proposed order instructions, OR file Consent of adverse party (Refer to Rule 15 F.R.Civ.P.)

To File Electronically:

  1. Log into CM/ECF.

  2. If required, file the Motion to Amend OR file Consent of adverse party.

  3. To file the Amended Complaint, select [Adversary > Complaint & Summons].

  4. Enter the Adversary Case Number (e.g, xx-xxxxx).

  5. Select [Amended Complaint] from the event list.

  6. Select the party filer.

  7. Select each party that this filing is against. If additional parties are being added to case by the Amended Complaint, click on Add/Create New Party.  (Do NOT "Select a Group" leave bullet to "No Group").

  8. Browse to select the Amended Complaint (.pdf file).

     Any supporting documents and the Proof of Service may be added as attachments to this document.

  9. Check mark Refer to existing events and relate to the Complaint.

  10. Verify the final docket text; if correct, click [Next] to submit your document(s).

    The Notice of Electronic Filing displays giving you the document number. Copies of this notice are immediately e-mailed to all participants who receive electronic notification in the case.




    11 U.S.C.:
    FRBP: 7015

    FRCP: 15