Assigning a Judge and Trustee (Ch 7 only)

Last Updated: May 15, 2007

Note: If you are filing several Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases on the same day, it is suggested that you open all cases and then run the Judge/Trustee Assignment.  The possibility of getting the same 341 meeting time is greater.  Please note that Judge/Trustee Assignment needs to be run the same day as the case is filed.


  1. Select Bankruptcy.

  2. Select Judge/Trustee Assignment.

  3. Note the assignments.

    Note: You would not use Judge/Trustee Assignment for Chapter 12, 13, or 11.  

    • If you receive an error message, please contact the Clerk's Office immediately at 701-297-7100.   

    • If opening a Chapter 13 case (through the Open BK Case) and filing a Chapter 13 Plan, continue with Chapter 13 Plan procedure.