Returned Mail

Last Updated: July 8, 2010

When a bankruptcy court mails notices to a creditor, the court is required to use the address a debtor provides on its creditor mailing list unless a creditor has provided the court with a different address.  BNC cross-references every incoming case mailing list with the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) database to determine the validity of the addresses for recipients on the mailing list and whether they will be processed for mailing or bypassed as undeliverable. (effective 07/12/2010 with BNC)

BNC will:

  • Include a copy of the notice that the BNC did not mail to the undeliverable address;

  • Identify the creditor and the undeliverable address;

  • Instruct the debtor to immediately mail the undelivered notice to the creditor;

  • Inform the debtor that the BNC will not mail future notices to the undeliverable address;

  • Include space on the notification for the debtor to insert a corrected address for the creditor;

  • Identify undeliverable addresses for creditors on each BNC Certificate of Notice under the category "Bypassed"

  • Include the reason why a creditor's address was bypassed and state that the debtor or debtor' attorney was notified that the address was undeliverable.

Filing Requirements:

  • Upon receipt of undeliverable address, file Certificate of Service or BNC Bypass Notice indicating correct address.

Step-by-Step Procedures:

  1. Review the papers for the necessary requirements

  2. Scan documents

  3. Log into CM/ECF

  4. Select [Bankruptcy>Misc/Other].

  5. Enter the case number (e.g., xx-xxxxx)

  6. Select [Certificate of Service] from the event list.

  7. Skip the Joint Filing screen.

  8. Select the party filer.  If the party is not listed, click on Add/Create New Party.

    Note:  The Attorney/Party Association screen may appear. If your party selection was correct, check the box to create an association.

  9. Browse to select the document (.pdf file)

  10. Select [Next]

  11. Check box to "Refer to existing event(s)"

  12. Select the category to which your event relates

  13. Modify the text as appropriate

  14. Verify the final docket text; if correct, click [Next] to submit your document(s).  

     The Notice of Electronic Filing displays giving you the document number. Copies of this notice are immediately emailed to all participants who receive electronic notification in the case.






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