Statement About Payment of an Eviction Judgment Against You

Last Updated: December 1, 2015

File Official Form 101B only if:

Filing Requirements:

Step-by-Step Procedures:

To File Electronically:

  1. Review the papers for necessary filing and noticing requirements.

  2. Scan documents.

  3. Log into CM/ECF.

  4. Select [Bankruptcy >  Misc/Other].

  5. Enter the case number (e.g, xx-xxxxx).

  6. Select [Statement About Payment of Eviction Judgment] from the event list.

  7. Skip the Joint Filing screen. Court will select the attorney filer.

  8. Select the party filer.

  9. Browse to select the document (.pdf file).

  10. Refer to the Amendment Cover Sheet to the amended schedules.

  11. Verify the final docket text; if correct, click [Next] to submit your document(s).

    Note: The Notice of Electronic Filing displays giving you the document number. Copies of this notice are immediately emailed to all participants who receive electronic notification in the case.

  12. Place the documents in the file/chron box.

Court Will:


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Created for new form effective 12/1/15





Local Rule 1009-1