Important Reminders Regarding CM/ECF

Last Updated:  December 1, 2015
  1. The Statement of Social Security Number (Form B 121) must NEVER be electronically filed.

  2. Judge/Trustee Assign pertains only to Chapter 7 and must be done the same day as the case is filed.

  3. Always read screen notes when filing documents.

  4. Always double check the case name and case number to be certain you are filing the documents in the correct case.  Note:  If filing in main case, use bankruptcy case number; if filing in an Adversary Proceeding, use Adversary Proceeding Number.  The case number used determines where the document is filed.

  5. Remember to date and type /s/ name (i.e. /s/John Doe) on the signature line of all pleadings.  Do not leave a blank line.

  6. Always file the main pleading first (e.g., Motion), with the exception of a Modified Chapter 13 Plan.

  7. When filing a document that refers to a previously filed document, the reference docket number must be selected so document relates properly, such as:

    • Proof of Service (refer to everything that was mailed to parties).

    • Objection or Response (refer to Motion only).

    • Motion to Continue Hearing (refer to Motion only).

  8. When browsing for a document, always right click and open the document to verify that:

    • you are attaching the correct document to the entry.

    • the pdf image contains the complete document.

    • none of the pages are distorted or missing.

    • the signature line includes the /s/name and is dated.

  9. When filing attachments, remember to name the attachment.  This is done in the Description field (i.e. Exhibit A, Memorandum of Law, Brief). Also remember to right click and open the document (see #8 above).

  10. When amending documents, always include a short reason for amending in the docket text.

  11. If no fee required, remove the filing fee amount from field blank and leave the receipt field blank.  When the filing fee is exempt pursuant to 28 U.S.C. Section 1930, then type EXEMPT in the receipt field.

  12. If a document is filed electronically, do not mail us the original document.

  13. Do not file adversary documents in bankruptcy cases.  When filing electronically, select the "Adversary" category from the ECF menu. All adversary filings should include the adversary caption and adversary case number.  

  14. Proposed orders must be in Word format and attached to your email and send to Please insert the last name of the debtor(s) and/or case file number in subject line.

  15. If unsure of a procedure or an event to use, please don't hesitate to call the Clerk's office for assistance at 701-297-7100.