Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice

Last Updated: April 1, 2013

A Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice is filed by an attorney who is not admitted to practice generally before the Court but wishes to appear for purposes of only one case (pro hac vice literally means for this occasion or particular purpose).

Filing Requirements:

  • Obtain CM-ECF login and password prior to filing motion.

  • Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice

The motion must include the following information:

    1. the attorney's residence,

    2. office address,

    3. telephone number,

    4. office e-mail address,

    5. courts in which the attorney has been admitted to practice,

    6. the attorney's legal training,

    7. prior disciplinary action.


To File Motion Electronically:

  1. Log into CM/ECF.

  2. Select [Bankruptcy >  Motions/Applications].

  3. Enter the case number (e.g, xx-xxxxx).

  4. Select [Appear Pro Hac Vice] from the event list.

  5. Skip the Joint Filing screen.

  6. Select the party filer. If the party is not listed, click on Add/Create New Party.

    Note:  The Attorney/Party Association screen may appear. If your party selection was correct, check the box to create an association.

  7. Browse to select the Motion (.pdf file).

    Note:  Supporting documents may be added as attachments to this document.

  8. To pay via ACH or credit card, leave the field blank and select [NEXT] to continue filing.  The credit card screen will appear at the end of the event.

  9. Modify the text as appropriate.

  10. Verify the final docket text; if correct, click [Next] to submit your document(s).

    Note: The Notice of Electronic Filing displays giving you the document number. Copies of this notice are immediately emailed to all participants who receive electronic notification in the case.

Court Will:

  • Verify that the attorney is admitted in the jurisdiction(s) listed in the motion.  If numerous jurisdictions are listed, a minimum of five jurisdictions will be verified.  Contact information for verifying an attorney's admission to a particular state.  See attachment. Contact information for verifying an attorney's admission in another federal court can be found at Sites.

  • Search the American Bar Association's On-line National Lawyer Regulatory Data Bank to determine if any disciplinary action has been reported regarding the attorney.

  • If additional information is needed the attorney should be contacted and asked to file a supplement or affidavit setting forth the additional information.  Add a 'private entry' indicating requested information.

  • When verification is complete add private entry that information was verified:  Bankruptcy Events > Court Events > Entry.  Enhance docket to read:  Pro Hac Vice Information Verified.

  • If inconsistencies are found submit to judge for review.

  • Route text order to Judge for review:

    Example Text Order re Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice:

    Order Granting Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice. (Related Doc # 26) Non-resident attorney
    Train4 for Sven Olson is permitted to appear and participate in this case. By Judge Shon Hastings (Text order only). Signed on 4/10/2013 (gks, court) (Entered: 04/10/2013)






11 U.S.C.:

Local Rule 9010-2 and 2002-1(E)