Last Updated: August 24, 2007

Hearing or Trial exhibits offered at a hearing or trial will not be included in the electronic case file. Exhibits will be returned to the parties 20 days after the disposition of the matter or trial. Exhibits that appear to be copies may not be returned.  

Hearing or trial exhibits should be submitted conventionally in accordance with the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, The Federal Rules of Evidence, and any rules or orders of the court. Each exhibit must be labeled and stapled separately.

Submitting exhibits for hearing or trial via video conference:  Any parties intending to introduce exhibits into evidence at the hearing are strongly encouraged to provide them to the court prior to the scheduled hearing time. Exhibits not submitted prior to the scheduled hearing time may be introduced at the hearing, but last minute submissions may result in the court taking the matter under consideration. If last minute submissions are necessary, they may be emailed to the court at clerks_office@ndb.uscourts.gov during the hearing. In the subject line parties should indicate "Exhibits for Case No. xx-xxxxx."




11 U.S.C.:

Local Rule 9017-1