Payment of Filing Fees via the Internet

Last Updated: August 30, 2018

Pursuant to ND Local Rule 5005-1(F), electronic filers must pay any incurred filing fees, including installment payments, through the CM/ECF system using ACH or credit card payment.

To pay filing fees via the Internet:

  1. Electronically file the document that requires a filing fee, such as a bankruptcy petition. When prompted "Are you paying via the Internet [y or n]," type y.  Or when prompted to enter the receipt number, leave the receipt field blank and select [NEXT] to continue filing.

    Note:  If the fee is deferred or exempt, you must type "defer" or "exempt" in the receipt field.

  2. After the Notice of Electronic Filing screen is displayed, the Electronic Payment Screen appears listing all outstanding fees incurred (for this case and any other cases with unpaid fees). You may select Pay Now or Continue Filing. Remember you must pay all fees the same day the transactions are made.

Reminder:  Do not use the Back button. Select either Continue Filing or Pay Now.

    • If you select Continue Filing, the charge is recorded and the payment process is deferred. The next time you submit a filing of any kind to any case, the Summary of Current Charges will be displayed, showing all deferred charges along with the new fee, if any.

      This feature is helpful when you are filing documents for several cases. When filing the last document, you can make one payment for all outstanding filing fees.

    • If you select Pay Now, you are asked for your ACH or credit card to pay the total of all outstanding fees.

  1. After selecting the Pay Now button:

    • Enter the ACH or credit card information, the account number, and the expiration date; then select [Continue].

    • On the Payment Summary screen, click the Authorization check box; then select [Make Payment].

  1. If the payment is authorized, CM/ECF generates a receipt for the filing fee.

    You can keep a copy of the receipt and use to balance your ACH or credit card statement each month, or you can run the Internet Payment History Report.

  2. To "settle" your account at any time, run the Internet Payments Due Report.





ND Local Rule 5005-1(F)