New/Modified ECF Events and Features

Updated: December 1, 2017


  • North Dakota Chapter 13 Plan Form.
    The District of North Dakota has a new local Chapter 13 Plan form to conform to the requirements of FRBP 3015.1.  Use of the local form will be required for all plans and amended plans filed on or after December 1, 2017 per General Order dated 11/27/17.

  • Many ECF events have been updated pursuant to changes to Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure Effective December 1, 2017.   

  • Multi-Part Motions.
    Multi-part motions are motions that consist of more than one relief type (i.e. Motion for Relief from Stay and Compel Abandonment (no fee)). It is important to file multi-part motions correctly as the Court is required to collect statistical information.

  • Motion to Appear by Telephone.
    An interested party in any case or proceeding may, upon reasonable advance notice, generally not less than 48 hours, file a motion requesting to appear by telephone at a hearing.
     If the motion is granted, the movant will not be permitted to offer evidence or cross-examine witnesses at the hearing.