(A)             Petitions

Nonelectronic filers are required to file their original bankruptcy petitions with the clerk of court. The petitions shall substantially conform to the Official Bankruptcy Forms.

(B)             Matrix

Nonelectronically filed cases shall include a master address matrix listing the name and address of each creditor and interested party and shall be filed with the bankruptcy petition. Guidance on the preparation of the matrix is available on the court's website.

(C)            Filing fee

Payment of required filing fees for documents such as petitions, motions, amendments, appeals and adversary complaints must be delivered to the court within three business days of the filing, excluding weekends and holidays.

(D)            Transmission of document by facsimile or email

Filing papers by facsimile or email is not permitted except in limited emergency situations and only after authorization by the court.

A party requesting facsimile or email transmission to or from the court will be assessed the fee for reproducing any record or document as provided in the fee schedule on the court's website.