(A)             The proponent of any motion, application, plan or other request for relief shall serve the pleading and notice as provided on the Notice and Service Requirements list, available on the court's website. The clerk of court is authorized to modify this list as necessary to conform to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and the Bankruptcy Code.

(B)             If these rules or the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure do not provide a specific notice period, the proponent of a motion, application or other request for relief shall provide a 14-day notice.

(C)            Notice of motions in adversary proceedings must be provided consistent with D.N.D.  Bankr. L.R. 7007-1(C).

(D)            The order confirming a Chapter 11, 12 or 13 plan shall be served by the debtor on all creditors and interested parties.

(E)             The court may rule on the following applications and motions upon filing and without a hearing or an opportunity to respond:

(1)             application for installment payments;

(2)             application for waiver of filing fee;

(3)             a debtor's motion to delay discharge;

(4)             a debtor's motion to extend time to file schedules, statements or a plan;

(5)             motion for 2004 examination;

(6)             motion to appear pro hac vice;

(7)             motion to expedite hearing;

(8)             motion to limit notice;

(9)             motion to reopen case (main case or adversary proceeding)*;

(10)        motion to dismiss duplicate case;

(11)        motion to reduce time;

(12)        motion to strike/redact personal identifiers;

(13)        motion to continue hearing/trial;

(14)        motion to seal; and

(15)        motion for telephonic or video conference.

* See D.N.D. Bankr. L.R. 5010-1 requiring a two-step process: a motion to reopen the case which does not require a notice period and an application or motion with notice seeking the relief requested.