New Event - Stipulated Motion to Continue Hearing

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


A new text entry event had been added to the CM/ECF system.  The event, Stipulated Motion to Continue Hearing (Text entry only), can be used to continue a hearing when all interested parties have agreed to the continuance.  Upon the entry of this event, an order will be entered:
1) Order(text entry only) that continues the hearing with a hearing date to be determined.  A subsequent Notice of Hearing will then be issued; or
2) Order(text entry only) that sets a new hearing date. This will be used when ECF electronic notification is sufficient; or
3) Order with a hearing date in PDF format to be used when the movant needs to serve all creditors and interested parties.

The event is found under Bankruptcy Events > Motions/Applications > Continue Hearing - Stipulated (Text entry only).