Telephonic Hearings

Telephonic Conference Instructions: 

  1. Call 701-297-7116
  2. Enter the Meeting ID 088076463#
  3. After the Meeting ID is entered you will be connected to the conference.
  4. Please identify yourself after you have joined the conference.

​Parties may also elect to appear in person at the United States Courthouse in Fargo.

Local Rule 5001-1 - Telephonic Hearings

Please observe proper telephone etiquette to ensure all parties can be clearly heard and recorded:

  • Identify yourself for the record using your full name each time you speak.
  • Do not interrupt others who are speaking. When responding to another participant, allow a brief pause to permit the judge to call upon all participants.
  • Do not place the call on hold at any time to avoid background music from disrupting the court proceedings.
  • Mute your telephone until ready to address the court.  Once you join the conference call, any conversation on your end of the line will be audible in the courtroom and to other participants.

No person may record the proceedings from any location by any means. The audio recording maintained by the Court will be the sole basis for creating a transcript that constitutes the official record of the hearing.