Filing Agent

An individual employed by a registered user may be a filing agent. By creating filing agents, more than one agent can file documents on behalf of an attorney or multiple attorneys. When a filing agent is no longer authorized to act on the registered user’s behalf, the filing agent’s login and password must be disassociated by the registered user.

To apply for CM/ECF access as a Filing Agent:

  1. Register for a PACER account at If you already have a PACER account go to step 2.
  2. Submit a an Non-Attorney E-File registration through PACER.  Select "Filing Agent" as role in court.
  3. Your request will reviewed and you will receive confirmation of approval through PACER.
  4. Review the local rules and refer to the ECF User's Manual for procedural information.

Contact the clerks office at 701-297-7100 or sends e-mail) if you have any questions.